About the Author

Jen Andrella is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at Michigan State University. She studies the nineteenth-century American West, Reconstruction, Native American ethnohistory, and digital methods. Her dissertation, “When the War Raged On: Montana Territory, the Politics of Authority, and National Reconstruction, 1860-1900” uses Montana Territory as a case study to examine how topics like federal Indian affairs, territorial development, U.S.- Canadian border formation, and internal improvement projects were foundational to Reconstruction as a national project. Jen’s research places the West at the heart of Reconstruction to confront the complexities of race, power relations, and nation building during the late nineteenth century.

At Michigan State, Jen served three years as an assistant in MSU’s Lab for the Education and Advancement of Digital Research (LEADR) where she specialized in content management systems, text analysis, data visualizations, and developing digital pedagogical approaches. Throughout her graduate career, she was a member on the faculty advisory board for Michigan State library’s Digital Scholarship Lab (DSL) and was a selected fellow for the Cultural Heritage Informatics (CHI) initiative. She is currently pursuing the graduate certificate in digital humanities in addition to her Ph.D. studies.

For more information about Jen Andrella, visit her page on Michigan State's Department of History website. To contact, please email: andrella@msu.edu

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